About the Project

The Oslofjord is facing historic deterioration of ecosystem condition. At the same time, the fjord is experiencing high population growth and increased use of the fjord and coastline. There is a growing conflict of interests between coastal development and nature conservation. To facilitate sustainable ecosystem-based management of the Oslofjord, MAREA aims to evaluate how ecosystem accounting methods can provide decision-support to the different planning levels in the contested, complex and dynamic coastal-marine ecosystems of the Oslofjord.

Through a collaborative project between NIVA, NINA, NMBU, SSB, planners at municipal, watershed, county and government level, MAREA will support Norway’s first government coordinated Integrated Plan for the Oslofjord (IPO). Our societal aim is to use the ecosystem accounting approach to catalyse a ‘turning of the tide’ of historic deterioration of the Oslofjord, restoring the flow of its ecosystem services to society and the economy.

MAREA Oslofjord ecosystem accounting framework

Ecosystem accounting and project conceptual framework